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VAT information:

Kitschy Coo is a VAT-registered business (reg number 111 3091 74).

For customers from the UK and EU, certain products will include a VAT element which will be outlined in the product listing. This does not constitute a VAT invoice.

Products that DO NOT incur VAT (ie zero-rated): 
Children's clothing 
Paper sewing patterns 

Products that DO incur VAT (standard 20%) 
Accessories such as gadget cases 
Digital sewing patterns 

Sizing information:

My sizes are fairly generous as I like things to last more than one season! To reflect the exponential growth rate of babies, under the age of two I use six month tranches (nb-6m, 6-12m, 12-18m).  From then, I tend to use two year tranches (i.e. 18m/2Y, 3Y/4Y, 5Y/6Y etc), made possible by flexible design using foldable bands and, of course, the fabulous stretch capacity of the fabric.

Postage calculations:

UK flat rate shipping:

£3.50 for 1st class Royal Mail.  At about the 6m mark, I switch to UPS and will contact you before shipping as they require a telephone number.

EU and world shipping:

The automatic postage rules are tricky to get right due to the different types of products and weights we offer. The calculations are set up as thus:


Up to £25: £5

£25 to £50: £8

£50 to £100: £12

£100 to £150: £15

£150+: £20 (courier)


Up to £15: £6

£15 to £25: £11

£25 to £60: £15.50

£60 to £100: £17.50

£100 to £150: £23.50

£150+: £27.50 (courier)