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About Us

Hi, I'm Amanda, purveyor of fine fabrics and funky clothes and sewing patterns.  I scour the Northern European knit fabric world to curate my collection of the best and brightest fabrics, currently offering prints from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Austria, and Finland.  These fabrics are easy to wash and wear, colour fast, non-bobbling Sewing Glory.  Ethical production is important to me, so the fabrics I carry are produced within Europe and the vast majority are organic to boot!  The clothes are made semi-ethically by me in Edinburgh.  I also design sewing patterns to share my love of sewing and wearing knits. You can find me wherever there are internet shenanigans to be found, or physically in my shop in Edinburgh with my doggy sidekick Casey.  If she barks at you, it means she really wants you to come in.    



Kitschy Coo was born at roughly the same time as my daughter when nesting instincts collided with maternity leave and redundancy.  Initially, I was selling kids clothes to cold and wet people outdoors (i.e. the Scottish fair and market scene) but then branched out into the nascent PDF sewing scene back in 2010.  A year later I discovered that many things that are dear to me (knit fabric, bright colours, gender neutrality, unique and possibly even demented prints) existed all in one place and that place was Scandinavia.  I was compelled to bring this fabric to the UK- nay- the world.  And finally, after eight years existing solely inside the internet as a web shop / blogger / anonymous cipher I've been outed as a real person by opening a physical shop.